Badges for post count

First of all, thanks very much for the forum, I’m enjoying it a lot and the atmosphere is amazing and safe, so thanks everyone.
My one idea that may improve the forum is to potentially have a total post count displayed next to people’s name/avatar when they post. I’ve seen this on other forums, and it is nice to see how active the user is you’re speaking to. There could also be “badges” for different numbers of posts made: 1+, 5+, 10+, 50+ etc.
I don’t know if other people want this, but it is just my idea - maybe it would work? :roll_eyes:

I didn’t see this option in the Discourse settings, so is there a plugin or existing forum which implements this?

Second best option: If you click on any persons picture or name, and then click again, you come to their profile, where the first thing you see is all those numbers. Maybe that initial profile pop-up can be enhanced with the showing of #posts, dunno…

I did some googling around the Discourse forums and saw some code that somebody contributed:

Not sure you’d want to risk/accept the overheads of hacking the core on a production site.

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I’m an admin on a Swedish forum and we actually noticed lurkers posting more after we hid the post count.


Not a Discourse forum, but this is a forum a use to be on:

You can see the “titles” and post count on the left.

OK. My idea wasn’t to get people to post more, just for an aesthetic look, I suppose. Thanks for sharing though - maybe this point is worth considering

It can easily become a hunt for more posts if there are post counts visible, is my experience. I didn’t read your original post as it having to do with aesthetics so that’s my bad.

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Hi. Maybe, as well as a number, a person’s “frequency” (boom! boom!) could be indicated by assigning a label. does something like this (e.g. “Friendly Stranger” and the like). For example, up to ten posts here would be Random Frequency, up to 100 would be Plugged In, etc. Just a thought. Thanks.

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@fulhjort Have seen on rare occasion (mostly 'cause I don’t frequent many forums) where if someone new goes to post a potentially controvertial opinion, they get immediately beaten over the head for having a lower post count than someone else. Seems exposing any kind of numbers turns the public stupid. :mushroom:


For me, the idea of ranking feels a bit contradictory to the general atmosphere in this group. Why would anyone want to know how many posts I have done? What would it say about the quality of my comments?


I personally don’t think it’s an useful option. Discourse already comes with a lot of badges that tell a lot about the user. Just click on a name and you’ll see.

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Fair enough to everyone who has said about how it might not benefit the community - you’re probably right!

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To save everyone the time replying to this, no I will not implement anything like this.