Bacon Music Open303: how does the internal sequencer work?

I feel like an idiot clicking on this thing but nothing changes the notes on the grid.

Lol, I tried it - I can’t figure it either. from the manual “It is currently in alpha and this documentation will be completed before I release into the plugin manager.” But that doesn’t seem to be true.

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Yup that’s all I can find too. Oh well…

Not just me then :grin:

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Oh shoot that’s not finished! I included it with the release? Uhh… if folks have prs I would merge them!


don’t worry - you’re good for it.

Yeah I swept head to v2 with my fixes but then forgot that it activated tbis. Ahh well. If I can get a rack dev environment running again I’ll fix it.


In the meantime this module is rad and I’m glad you released it even with the internal sequencer locked. CV and gate input works fine. It’s the only all in one 303 module in VCV that I know of. Perfectly happy to use it as is and wait for it to have more functionality later. Thanks!

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me too thank you for releasing it.

Got desperate clicked on anything even the bacon :



And this happened… :smiley: