Available v1.0 Linux plugins for testing?

Hi there,
which plugins are available for testing in V1.0 dev Linux ?
I found Impromptu Modular so far.
Are Audible Instruments also ready, or only at final release?
Any links are welcome for Linux builds.

Not super up-to-date, but https://github.com/VCVRack/library/tree/v1/manifests is the database of plugins for v1.

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Thanks Andrew!

AmalgamatedHarmonics, Geodesics and SquinkyVCV also run (I compiled the sources from github and copied their directories in ~/.Rack/Plugins/)


vult modules free have a pre-release

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thanks guys
the plugin window is overwhelmingly great! :upside_down_face::smiley:
very slick!
great work Andrew

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It’s pretty.

I don’t know how usable it is yet. Impromptu modules can be told apart due to their massively different layouts, those Vult modules look like a nameless wall of knobs.

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this picture is resized, it all looks fine in VCV application :wink:

The Vult wall. Mexico paid for it.


Could please someone point to an appropriate thread where to discuss the plugin window?

You mean the Module Browser? If it’s a discussion, use #rack. If it’s a feature request the thread will be closed, so instead see https://vcvrack.com/manual/FAQ.html#i-have-a-feature-request.

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I’m away on business right now and can’t update my modules, but there is a v1 branch for the RCM modules available that can be built for Linux. no audio 16 yet, rest are basically ported. no poly.


Thanks, all good. I meant to provide the feedback that at my resolution (2560x1080) some modules are barely recognizable.
But I think this issue will/should be solved by the plugin developers (through more readable module labels) rather than by changing the Module Browser. So I don’t really have any feature or change requests atm.

man good luck! I love the RCM modules

can I suggest move the seq adapter to 1.5 or 2 HP? It module is in all my patches , however I love it

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I was thinking of making a simpler one that will also help sync sequencers when you reset whilst running. I’ll change the style and make it smaller too.

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Poly is for suckers.

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: poly rocks the issue is I need to tweak the UI for poly piano roll. enough that it’ll probably be a new module if I get around to doing it at all.

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It won’t keep me out!

I play piano with one finger too!


That’s going to make the tracker interfaces busier for sure :wink: