automation on vcv rack?

Hi i want to do automation like ableton,

Let’s say,

I want to change parameter of VCF’s cutoff amount 0.5 to 1 gradually in 16bars.

What kinda module can do this in vcv rack?


maybe try

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A free alternative that will give eight channels:

As Marsona mentions, the Pro version is worth every penny, the difference being with Pro you can sync all eight channels, but the free version will do what you’ve asked.

Also it’s one of the most versatile modules available, well worth learning in depth.


Shapemaster all the way. the purchase is totally worth it as will enable clock sync. Each instance has 8 envelopes / time settings and through all the other outs / expanders you can get creative and sync up / arrange entire songs in a patch.

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“automation” can be done by modulation with (gated) envelopes.

You have to convert 16 bars to seconds for the “attack” - max is 10sec in VCV ADSR EG. If your 16 bar example is 120 BPM, you need 32 seconds, and an other envelope module. Many are available with varialbe shape, longer / more / less segments - I won’t recommend one over the others. I added RSCL to add an offset to the envelope output.

Don’t know if this is what you were looking for ?

fan of ReMove lite

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there are many ways, as other users said, but instead I would use a DAW and map that parameter to an envelope lane, because Rack (like hardware modular) doesn’t have a timeline concept by itself…you should create one (or more) timeline by yourself with a sequencer and rely/put everything on this.