Automate anything?

I know I could control rack as a vst with automation lanes, but can someone help me remember… isn’t there a module in rack that would let me automate out an entire performance? Let me control any knob regardless of cv input? Or am I making that up?

MicroMap (and I think it’s bigger siblings) by Stoermelder in PackOne

yes , the pack one is could be great have some “macro” controls with curve functions but not only for the vst

Oh. Some people type way faster than me. Here goes anyway:

I’ve not used it yet, but it seems like it could be useful for changing multiple CVs while keeping the values proportional to each other.

Some stoermelder modules that sound like you might want:

8FACE, 8FACEx2: preset sequencer for eight or sixteen presets of any module working as an universal expander

8FACE mk2, +8: evolution and replacement for 8FACE and 8FACEx2

CV-MAP: control 32 knobs/sliders/switches of any module by CV even when the module has no CV input

µMAP: a single instance of CV-MAP’s slots with attenuverters

… but for some reason the stoermelder modules are absent from the library. Is it because they’re not updated for Rack2 or some such? They are still in GitHub - stoermelder/vcvrack-packone: Modules for VCV Rack though. And my installation of Rack 1.1.6 still has them, but I have not recently (ie. since installing Rack2) permitted it to update them.


Knob turning by proxy - VCV Library - OSCelot

nysthi 4Hands let’s you organize 10 fixed voltages and 10 smoothed in sceenes VCV Library - NYSTHI 4Hands

nysthi Jooper is scene based multiplexer, switcher with 8 channels and 4 cv per channel

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Or these timeline sequencers?

You can find a version of the stoermelder pack one on this page: [Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub]. Scroll down to assets.

Wow, lots to go on here, thank you so much, everyone!

Beware: uMap currently has a bug when used in Rack vst (tested in mac).

The module will use an excessive % cpu per instance.

I have reported this at Ben his github.

Is the top big-knob like a bank/preset knob? Maybe look in that NYSHI manual, oh wait… :wink:

And the Janneker modules are handy for timed scene-changes or just timed triggers:

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Is the “Micromap” modul from Stoermelder also working with vcvrack2?

They’re not quite finished yet:

But you can get development versions:

I haven’t tried more than one uMAP module in the standalone Rack2 Free - It worked fine.

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Some entries the MindMeld competition include many instances of uMap in the Standalone version - so apparently there is no problem with that - the CPU issue is only in the VST it seems.

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Works fine with one umap module as well. Thx! A very useful module!