Autodafe plugins (not drums) failing to update

Running v2.1.2 of Rack Pro on Pop!-OS 22.04 and the Autodafe plugins are failing to update. The error reported in the log file states:

Could not load plugin /home/xxxxxx/.Rack2/plugins/Autodafe: Failed to load library /home/xxxxxx/.Rack2/plugins/Autodafe/ /home/xxxxxx/.Rack2/plugins/Autodafe/ undefined symbol: __cxa_pure_virtual.

Running ldd in the plugin directory produces the following: (0x00007ffe91b40000) => not found => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007fc66b264000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007fc66b000000)

/lib64/ (0x00007fc66b3e9000)

I’ve completely removed the plugin and tried re-installing from the library but nothing works.

which modules did you want to load? I’m on Win11 and have no problems loading and using the Autodafe modules.

They’ve been stuck in the update menu for many months now for me.

Also Linux ?


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Linux. Not really sure why the drum modules are fine and the rest (effects, sequencers etc) don’t work. As others say, it’s been happening with Linux for a while, what seems to be different now is that the problems (as show in log.txt) don’t mention GLIB_C.

Same here with VCV Rack Pro 2.1.2 on Linux. The weird thing is that they are up-to-date and working inside of VCV Rack if I load it as VST. It only fails to load when Rack is in standalone mode.

Hi together, any news about it ?

Because of family activities, I lost sight of the problem a bit.

I have exactly the same ‘phenomen’ a couple of weeks (or month ?), exactly the same errors described by @charlemagne.galloway. I’m using Linux in the Ubuntu Studio flavor, version 22.10. and the shortly updated VCV RackFree 2.2.0.

I’m not sure, but is it possible that the upgrade from 22.04 to 22.10 did something ‘unwanted’ ?

I have, I think, checked or gone through everything from the various posts I have found. It is of course also possible that I have overlooked something. That is absolutely possible :laughing:

Did anybody found the happy making solution in the meantime ?

Best regards, Remo