Autechre/Richard Devine-esque clocking/sequence resetting?

Hey gang - would be super curious + grateful to hear some of your thoughts on Autechre or Richard Devine-esque generative/‘skittery’ style patching. IE:

I’ve played around with a few simple tricks, such as non-synchronized resetting sequencers, randomized clock divisions, and lots of probability/bernoulli gates, etc, but I feel like I’m just (poorly) beginning to scratch the surface.

Attached below is a few ideas thrown together, but still very goofy/very early. Would excited to see/hear some of your approaches as well!

mggoofyClocks.vcv (15.4 KB)

goofyClocks_ideasrem.vcv (22.8 KB)
just a little modification by me. I think it’s an nice idea to use Nysthi’s Graphic meter to hub all CVs and look at it to know visually what they exacly doing right now.
I changed drums because they are too “drummachines” you know. Those IDM guys use sines and noises to make their drums I believe and short envelopes like Slap as well.
And I rediced amount of a reverb and also think that is not great idea to use it as master processor, maybe using mscHack mixer and aux sends will be much better idea instead.
If you like we could continue a collaboration for fun and learn)

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There are detailed patch descriptions on Richard Devine YT channel(in case you don’t know), even if there are no exact copies of hardware modules like Varigate, you can try to emulate their behavior by using logic, switches, etc

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yah! I unfortunately don’t have the paid Vult modules, but going to try and swap out for free versions on my end and have a play. I love the idea of bouncing a patch back and forth as a collab - maybe some other folks would want to join in as well.

good call all above too - more soon!

truu! the YT vid descriptions are a great resource - it’s funny, it seems like a lot of the text on them tends to focus more on the audio processing then the modulation side of things, but going to have to take another look and see what I can turn up–

Richard Devine interview from Patch & Tweak :

“I like to clock my entire setup with a random generator, such as the SSF Ultra Random, Make Noise Wogglebug v2, or Mutable Instruments Marbles […] I also love having variations of fluctuating CV that is in time with that master clock. I usually mult out the gates and CV to other sequencers and sound sources to get things happening quickly. It’s also fun driving drum sequencers with random clock sources to break out of repetitive patterns ; it’s like having controlled chaos, but you can easily dial in how much you want at the twist of one knob”


Modules like Aepelzen Burst or Grayscale Algorythm are very usefull for this kind of beats.
I use Algorythm in random mode for clocking different sequencer
and Burst with different switched clocks to make glitchy snares
I’ve never tried Bouncy Balls from JW plugins but it should be also a good module for this kind of mood

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ooh great call. The burst generator is one of my favorites - need to have a play with Algorythm, too!