AUDIO-x modules (Core) always set @ 48kHz?


I’m using PC Windows 10 (21H1) and Yamaha/Steinberg UR22C (USB 3.1 ASIO) audio interface. This interface is set as 44.1kHz (by using its configuration software - screen cap below). Also, I’ve installed Studio Edition (build 2efb7ff5), using VCV Rack 2 standalone application (same behavior by using VSTi, instead, from REAPER who’s using 44.1 since many years) - EDIT the AUDIO module (DAW as “driver”, sometimes it goes to 44.1k, sometimes to 48k, it’s random).

However, everytime I bring any AUDIO module (eg: AUDIO-8), then I select “ASIO”, then “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO”, the sample rate for the module is - by default - defined to 48k, instead of 44.1k (defaults in my C.M. chain).

All mine ASIO applications such REAPER 6, Live 11 Lite, Renoise 3.3.3, Voltage Modular, Komplete Kontrol app, VCV Rack 1.1.6… by default detect 44.1k automatically (never 48k).

VCV Rack v1.1.6 detects:

  • ASIO.
  • 44.1kHz (setting in my audio interface, and “Engine > Samplerate”.

On new AUDIO-8 instance inside VCV Rack 2, the module is by default set to:

  • WASAPI Then 48kHz when I change WASAPI to ASIO + correct ASIO driver.

I precise I’m using the lastest version of the Steinberg driver (v2.0.3).


I don’t know if I’m alone or not to get this behavior

TIA for help / recommendations.

You should be able to change the rate in the Yamaha Steinberg configuration app. At least that’s how it’s done with the Expert Sleepers Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver.

Thanks but as I’ve indicated, the rate was already set @ 44.1 for Y/S configuration app (since 1 year). Ok perhaps not enough explicit because I said “This interface is set at 44.1 kHz” (I’ll edit this to be more clear).

Of course from AUDIO-8 module (not tried other) I can change from 48 to 44.1, but I must do this everytime.

did you tryed openning your settings v1.json and change the rate to 44.1khz?

@David: if you read correctly, I’ve wrote I’m using VCV Rack 2… settings-v1.json is dedicated to VCV Rack 1.x, and located in different folder. But both of them are already set to 44100, because I’m using 44.1 kHz only!

Entries in both .json:

“sampleRate”: 44100.0,

I wonder if this is in anyway related to the (inverse) experience I am having.

Everything in my chain, interface, DAW, Rack Engine, Audio Module, settings.json is set to 48kHz.

When I open an instance of the Rack VST, and it opens my very simple template, everything says it is at 48kHz, but something behind the scenes somewhere is running at 44.1 and this makes Clocked display the wrong BPM (around 10 bpm less than it should). If I delete the audio module that opened from the template and replace it with another, this fixes the issue.

Makes me wonder if somewhere in the code, 44.1 and 48kHz are the wrong way round?


Yep Steve, as you’ve explained in FB group :wink: Sample rate & timing behaviors are strange (some of them already exist in v1.1.6). Hope they’re fixed in the future (it’s not a drama, assuming Rack 2 is in beta phase at the moment), Andrew needs surely “return of experience” to enhance VCV Rack 2.

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oh my bad I thought you refer to v1

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Don’t worry (it’s not a drama) :wink: