? Audio-signal, pitch to voltage ( 1V/oct) converter ?

Hi Folks,

i want to extract a 1V/Oct pitch control signal from my Audio, coming from acoustic/electric instruments. Its about monophonic instruments like Bassguitar for example.

i fjust found this one: NYSTHI Pitch2Voltage

this one should do it, right ? (i´m new to VCV Rack) is there any other options ?

i don´t need it to be super precise, but little latency would be good to have

(not at home right now. Can´t test / need to know now, cause if that works out, could i probably avoid to order that pedal for my bass, that i´m quasi “right now” up to order (lol) )

just test it

you need a clean signal, no poly no super fancy harmonics + noise

Which pedal are you trying to avoid buying? :slight_smile:

I love to create guitar effects in Rack, and have probably had a go at creating most things. I’ve used Entrian Follower for a guitar synth patch, that also has a V/Oct output, but isn’t in v2 yet. It worked up to a point, and the latency depends on how low you can run your sound card. The tracking was kind of variable though, you have to play quite slowly and occasionaly you’d get a random pitch. Haven’t tried the Nysthi module but I imagine you’d get similar results. I ended up buying a Boss SY-1 for guitar synth instead and use Rack for wierder effects and ambience.

Another option is to stick the bass into a VCO sync input, that will give you some crazy sounds. I’m planning to do a video on this soon.

of course you want to associate the “envelope follower” to extract dynamics too

Source Audio Spectrum ;)…kind of a modern (digital) “Auto Filter” thing

Yeah, thats where i´m heading towards too. (dealing with VST FX in a VST Host so far)

I can do when i´m back home. Thats not the case right now.

Yes, i understand that audio 2 pitch (1V/oct) is a sensible thing. :wink:

i at least want to control the filter frequenzy for a “wah- / autofilter-” type of thing. …so, thats not a such sensible task, in that sense. Some unprecision or fails in tracking would not matter too much i´d guess.

So you say, that module should do the job ?

i know what you mean, lol. But thats not what i´m looking for here :wink:

Its not about crazy sounds for me. its really just about what we´d call “keytracking” within a Synthesizer.

Got it, auto filter is an easy one! You don’t need V/Oct, just an envelope follower. Or you can trigger an ASDR if you want more control over the envelope.

Can post an example later on this afternoon.

Wait, I’ve just realised whatyou’re trying to do! Use a pitch output to open the filter more on higher notes. That’s a nice idea actually, I’ll patch something up in a minute.

Here you go, I’ve patched in a square wave an octave below the guitar and mixed it in before the filter.

Guitar Bass Synth.vcv (4 KB)

Here’s a very bad quick demo:


cool you can try also my envFollow

wiht integrated OSCI (to understand the signal and how to amplify + delay of the original signal to mantain sync

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this was actually quite cool ! lol…you just got me grin all over, haha

ahh, i just recognise i can download your patch. Thanks ! i´ll try it out when i´m back

Cheers, I haven’t tried that yet but if it’s up to the usual standard of your modules it’s probably great! I hadn’t used P2V before, but the pitch tracking works surprisingly well with guitar. It’s actually a lot better than Entrian Follower in 1.6…I might even do some more synth guitar patches now!

Thanks, I think the sound is better than my ability at attempting to play funky basslines on guitar! I rolled some low end off with some HPF on the mixer channel, but it’s fairly massive otherwise. It works a lot better than I thought actually, and with careful playing it’s definitely usable. One thing I noticed is the envelope followers are quite sensitive to input levels in Rack, obviously the level of VCOs is much higher than bass/guitars so you may need to boost it. I use an Audient Sono which is an AD interface with a valve stage pre-amp built in, I found if I just DI it won’t trigger properly. If you’ve got Host FX then an amp sim plugin should do it. I’ve got the free BlackSun one, and a Friedman DS-40 which is a nice vintage tone, both work well for plugging straight in. Enjoy!

shit, i heard a Bass, haha. But now, that you are saying it :wink: yeah, now i hear it. Its a good match in fact.

I can check tomorrow night with VCV rack.

Yeah, i have a dedicated HW Bass pre-amp + freshly also a compressor for my bass, and a low latency AI. And yeah, i also have some few VST amps, in case i want to add some. I´m completly fresh to VCV Rack, have it since two weeks or so. But i´m not new to (HW) modular as such. AND, i´m allready used to “patch” with VSTs in my VST-Host, which allows for quite free patchings/routings. ( i just have completly NO clue vs. VCV RAck, and all its modules / i´m really in my earliest starting phase with VCV )