Audio Renderer Error

Im new to vcv, so forgive me if this is in the manual. I try to use vcv rack as a place to learn modular, but whenever i open rack, it shuts down any other sort of audio output on my computer. Youtube, soundcloud, other daws, nothing will make sound, even after i close it.

Crystal ball hazy. Please state all information about your OS and version, audio driver/device, and anything else related to your issue.

Sounds like an issue with “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” but without knowing your system info it is very hard to troubleshoot.

Running windows 10 version 1903 , using onboard realtek asio audio drivers. I Do have fl studio’s asio if i should be using that instead

What sound card do you have? Is it built into your board / GPU or is it dedicated?

ASIO is really meant to be used with external (and or / dedicated). You might have better luck with Direct Sound or WASAPI.

With VCV Rack closed… If it is a dedicated device you could try this: go to system > sound settings > Sound control panel (right side of window) right click the device and > properties > advanced. Should be 2 boxes ticked here under “Exclusive Mode” untick and apply.

My setup is v similar - just use directsound :+1:

Most ASIO drivers are exclusive, meaning that multiple applications cannot communicate with a device simultaneously.

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Apperarently, fl’s asio works, sooooo im just going to use that until i find another solution

Still don’t know if you have a dedicated card or not, the other solution might be to get a dedicated sound card. No matter what device you have there may also be a driver update that could fix your issue, can’t look driver version dates up without the device and driver version.

The purpose here being when other users visit the site (even from a google search of the problem) they may be experiencing the same issue and have the same device or similar, when all relevant info is provided and a fix found they will avoid frustration!