audio pitch In real time

Hello I want a guitar to turn a bass guitar into a real time. I tried Supercell and Texture Synthesizer but the sound is late. Maybe you can help me. thanks

‘late’ means what exactly?

maybe post your patch and/or a sound example …

There’s Nozori 68 Pitch but I haven’t personally tried it.

clouds and supercell have a position knob, the best result you can get is turning it all the way to the left. or you could use the single-purpose pitch shifter modules like the nozori and nsythi ones. but using any kind of pitch shifter an octave down on a guitar will not really make it sound like a bass guitar, and vice versa.

Are you using Clouds’ pitch-shift mode or granular mode?

This is all you need, I think the best pitch module yet Stoermelder PackGamma PitchShifter module | VCV Rack patch - YouTube