Audio Output under LINUX glitches

i have linux mint and and vcv rack up and running but the audio output goes high to 40% cpu usage and glitches ?

in case you are not using jack yet, then you should use it - there are quite a few tutorials around how to set it up (which does not look easy at first sight, but gets quite easy if you get used to it)

good luck and best wishes - hexdump

i am using jack, maybe in the wrong way

Short answer: larger frames/period setting (256/512/1024) and more Periods/buffer.(2/3) - is where i would start. And make sure to run a “PREEMPT” kernel - or compile an “RT” kernel. The CPU Governor should be set to Performance.

There’s much to tweak on linux

and the forum here is a good place to seek information and ask.

Perhaps start out with a fresh install of “Ubuntu Studio”. It has “Ubuntustudiocontrols” to make audio setup easier.

Some prefer Arch linux (Manjaro) - They usually have high quality wiki pages on configuration. Professional audio - ArchWiki

Is VCV running at the same sample rate as your sound card? Is the sound card’s buffer size set to something reasonable?

i found that i have to use a different sound output. the HD is connected to my BT speaker is glitching and the default is working but only wizh the internal speakers, very wired,

yes i tried different rates etc.

you probably don’t want to spend the $$, and I don’t know that the driver situation is on Linux, but getting a modern “sound device” that comes with good ASIO drivers is a must for smooth operation of music software. The Scarlets work well on a mac, but the windows drivers are problematic, the Steinberg works well on both. again, don’t know that the linux situation is.

i have audiobox itwo but no linux driver. i just bought this little pc for on the go sound design. maybe only a little thing i overlooked.

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… on Windows :slight_smile: On Mac and Linux we’re mostly free of this kind of nonsense. I have yet to install any hardware drivers on my iMac.

Another tip: Try using the Jack I/O module from the Skrylar plugin instead of the VCV Fundamental Audio-8. It resolved many issues I had with larger patch designs. Haven’t used Audio-8 for a long time now.

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dont know how to use jack in this special case

jack is your audio server , it allow to you have real time privileges

use jack to connect the jack with your audio interface

jack is a kind of modular system that allow you connect your apps literrally however you like as a kind of huge of modular system, in this case you only need to connect the vcvc rack to your computer output , but you could connect the rack ouput with other audio software and send it back to the rack before send it to the out or whatever connection you could imagine, cool uh?

It allow manage midi too and even cv

in my case I use to send midi from renoise or other secuencer to the vcv rack, then I send the audio back to renoise (8 to 16 channels) mix everything in renoise and finally to my audio out

more info about how to configure your linux system here

I use too like that module , but it is abandonned , vcv audio modulles work perfect to me

Perhaps this can help.

thnx to all for helping out !