Audio module's To "device output 1" does not actually output to mono

Hello, It seems that the audio module’s To “device output 1” does not actually output to mono.

The first image contains:

  • a VCV Rack 2 saw wave patch with a signal routed only to the left/mono To “device output 1” input, and
  • a frequency analyser with mono content (white) and stereo content (red).

The second image contains:

  • the same VCV Rack 2 saw wave patch as used in the first image with a signal routed to both device outputs, and
  • a frequency analyser with only mono content (white), and no stereo content.

Perhaps this issue has been raised before, but I did a search on the forums and could not find anything.

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I haven’t seen anything posted about this either. But I have noticed that my ears perceive a difference between a mono signal patched only to the L/Mono input vs that same mono signal patched to both L/mono and R inputs - and that puzzled me.

I like the graphical evidence that you provide.

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FWIW, this issue was resolved in Cardinal several months ago.

well, I will sleep much easier knowing that!

Well, Cardinal/FalkTX is being the good open source citizen here and submitting fixes to Rack but Andrew simply rejects them all with a boilterplate message that Rack doesn’t accept contributions. Just have a look at the closed PR’s for Rack. So good on Cardinal and I simply don’t get what Andrew is doing anymore, at all, and his behaviour seems very counterproductive. Nothing in Rack development or support the past few months makes any sense to me.


I’m fairly new to VCV Rack; this is concerning.