Audio module

Hi is it normal for the audio interface selection to reset when opening a saved patch? It would be nice if our settings were saved when reopening a patch.

it should not reset - the interface used when opening is normally remembered from when the patch was saved (unless it is no longer available for some reason)


What operating system and audio driver type are you using?

On the same computer, with the same audio interface (and turned on/active) it should definately be remembered. I have never heard of anyone experiencing otherwise. If you’re on Mac, and have an audio interface powered by USB, there’s a little “feature” that it will cut power (put to sleep) the audio interface when sleeping, and when it wakes up it can’t find the interface anymore. I had to disable sleep on my Mac to prevent that, and should probably buy a powered hub.

When you move a patch to another computer, with a different audio interface, the interface selection will be “forgotten” and you have to manually select the correct interface, as you would expect.

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