Audio Module "clip" signal before sending to the DAW?

Its what I’ve written :slight_smile: Not sure which part is unclear…

Sort of. You can easily manage audio at any voltage in Rack. As I said, nobody care, and rarely I see modules that hardclip signal.

You could write your own audio module based on the core audio module. Just copy the module to your own plugin and remove the lines 128 to 134 and it should work fine (in theory).

Btw. I made my own MIDI input module for better handling specialized MIDI controllers.

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Yes in fact I’m just doing this :slight_smile:

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Has anyone checked to see if Stoermelder’s AudioInterface64 simply is the same as VCV audio interface except extending the channel count, or if there are other changes? I haven’t looked at the code. I can’t find any documentation on it.

One is based on the other and changes are mosty in the GUI.

I made a quick change in AudioInterface64 by @stoermelder and got what you want.

I simply removed the clamp() in line 61 in AudioInterface64.cpp

Just download the source for Stoermelder-P1, apply this small change and you’re done.

Of course if you are going out to a physical output you better clip, since a lot of them will roll over from max to min when they go over. Which of course sounds totally awful.