Audio Interfaces

Hello all,
I’ve been playing around with microphones, a pedalboard, and my oboe and sax, and I’ve decided I want to take it a step further and buy an audio interface.

Regarding beginner interfaces, I’m currently looking at a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Has anyone had any experience using this interface - or indeed any other ones - with VCV rack? Also, does anyone have any other recommendations or favourites?

Thanks, Jim

Believe it or not, the Behringer UMC series starting at UMC202HD and ending at UMC1820 are really very good. They don’t require special software to operate or set special parameters. This means they work fantastically with other operating systems.

The microphone amps are very good and considered better than the Focusrite Scarlett series by those who’ve tested them. The noise floor is lower too.

Their prices have gone up recently but they should still be cheaper. HTH


I have that Focusrite and it works just fine, it’s bog standard. Only issue I ran into, which is a generic one, is that the computer will power off the interface when it goes to sleep, and therefor can’t find it when it wakes up. The solution is to not put the computer to sleep, or attach the interface to a powered hub.

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I use a Behringer Uphoria UMC204HD which has not given me any problems and has MIDI in & out which is an added plus with regards the Focusrite.

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Thanks all. I shall do a bit more research, and then I’ll buy something.

Thanks again