Audio glitch when connecting to UAD Apollo in VCV 2.2.0

I am not sure how best to describe this, but if I start from a blank slate and add modules. For testing purposes, just MIDI > CV (V/oct, Gate, and Velocity) to Bogaudio’s FM-OP, to AUDIO. I just updated VCV Rack to v2.2.0. Everything worked well before that.

After building a very basic setup, I use the Audio module to connect the output to my UAD Apollo 8, and everything seems to be working normally. But when I save, close, and open back up, I get this awful buzzy wave (see screen shot) around F#2 in pitch. Once this happens, nothing seems to cure it. Everything I opened in the past now opens corrupted. If you have any ideas, please share! Thanks!

Oh, another thing…if I connect to the MacBook Air speakers, it sounds great; no problems.

System info:

MacBook Air M1/16GB MacOS Ventura 13.0.1

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I have this bug with Apollo as well. I’ve reported it to VCV via their official support form. Will report back with any findings!

I’d also recommend doing the same, as they don’t do support on this forum anymore.

Edit- a temporary workaround I found is clicking through a bunch of different choices in the interface menu, eventually arriving back at your Apollo. For some reason that solves it for me, after a minute or two of random selection…

I have the same problem on my Mac as well (BigSur 11.5.2), but with my Tascam Interface (Model 24). I re installed the previous version of vcv, wich is working normally, you can find it here if that’s helping : listing directory /downloads/

I also noticed that this was only happening with the audio 8 module, for some reason, the Audio 16 Module was working.

I reported it as well and the support was super nice and fast, but I had deleted the log.txt file when installing the older version that could have been helpful… anyways, good to know this is not an isolated problem, they will probably address it in the next version then :slight_smile:

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Same issue, nearly blew me on my back as my monitors were up yikes! Pegged meters, tweeters survived, not sure about my headphones yet haha.

I use virtual 3/4 as the default output in macos Ventura, VCV ignores this and goes for mon L/R (main out on apollo).

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Well, thanks everybody! I’ve tried clicking around, and the Audio-8 and -16 modules, to no avail unfortunately. I’ll send this to VCV support, in hopes they can fix it for next release. In the meantime, it sounds pretty amazing on the MacBook!

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