Audio files playlist in VCV

Hi community, first time poster here. Thank you everyone for the insights this forum provides!

I’m looking for a wayThis text will be hidden to process the audio from an mp3 playlist using VCV. On linux, VCV 1. So far I’ve searched VCV community and other sites with few results. One option could be routing audio from a player to vcv, but for lnux I only found about learning JACK and using the JACK audio modules from Skrylar. Another option could be loading an audio player (that can do mp3 random playlists) as a VST using Host, but so far I have not found something like that.

Did someone solve some similar problem or at least have useful advice? Thank you!

I’m not sure i completely understand what you want but the closest thing I can think of is this:

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I don’t recall coming across any module that can deal with compressed audio formats. Routing audio from a non-Rack player to the VCV “Audio” module seems to be your best bet, as long as you’re not trying to control the order of the playlist from Rack.

I run Rack on both macOS and Linux (Ubuntu Studio), and only recently discovered how to use Soundflower (for macOS only) to route audio like that. I’ll have a look at the Linux version later.

“… This text will be hidden …” :thinking: That was a mistake, right?

Yes, “This text will be hidden” was not intentional. Although I do not know how it happened. Thank you. Routing audio from a nonrack player to VCV audio could be a viable option (on linux). I hoped for an out of the box solution