Audio Driver issue with Rack V2

here on Win10 64bit I use FLStudio ASIO driver with Rack V1,
but V2 shows only the WASAPI and DirectSound drivers.

Any ideas how to fix this?
could this be an issue of the Rack 2.git.042a9ce0 build?

The binary from VCV should include ASIO. If you build rackv2 yourself using the instructions given, it will be without ASIO,

RTAUDIO_ASIO=1 make dep

Just checked

Includes ASIO

Works here on Win10 and 042a9ce0

ASIO and WASAPI seem OK for me but DirectSound is not right

Im on Win 10 and I use a Motu UltraLite mk3. I run all audio at 44.1kHz. When starting Rack V2, the Motu switches to 48 kHz and after that back to 44.1 kHz. That’s strange and didn’t happen with Rack V1.

this all confuses me :woozy_face:
I think I better wait a bit for updates

Hi everyone …

I can’t choose my Focusrite sound card in VCV v2 … it doesn’t even work with a similar audio configuration as in VCV v1 … I’m on Windows 10 … is it because some things are still changing until November?

WASAPI - sees my card, but when I select it, the program crashes … only the internal REALTEK can be selected.

ASIO - Asio4All only works. When I choose the Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver (1-2 in, 1-2 out) directly, the text pops up: Device sample rate could not be changed becouse the following applications are playing audio. But no sound or music or web have played.

DIRECTSOUND - sees my card but I can’t select it at all. here also, only the internal REALTEK can be selected.