Audio Device Bug?

So for as long as I can remember using VCV, it almost always does this thing where when I open Rack, it will pretty much be unusable (all the lights are off and no signals are shown anywhere) until I switch the audio device, at which point it “unfreezes” and all the lights turn on and the signals flow. Anyone else have this issue?

It’s not so much a bug, as an expected behaviour.

Do you have a “template.vcv” file that does not have an audio output selected? Any “new” patch would then also load without an audio output selected.

To fix that, simply go File > New, select whatever audio output you want as a default, then go File > Overwrite template. You can also choose the default sample rate and block size this way. And add more or different modules.


Yeah, as John says it’s “a feature” albeit a slightly weird and poorly documented one. I just looked through the manual and could not find any mention of this. Basically an active audio module drives all the processing in a patch and without one nothing is happening. It’s just one of those pesky little things you gotta know and then move on with life.


thanks for the helpful info from u both! :slight_smile:

Well, this is odd now.

I wondered if a bypassed AUDIO module would behave the same as no output selected in the AUDIO module. It continued to run (clocks, VCOs, VU meters etc), even after quitting and restarting with the same patch.

Then I tried with just a REC module hooked up. It ran.

Then I deleted both the REC and AUDIO modules. It still ran.

Do I have a zombie version of Rack? (v 2.4.1 Free)

On the other hand, If I have a normally connected AUDIO module with headphones plugged in, then disconnect the plug, everything freezes up. Clocks pulses stop, VCOs don’t O, and VU meters are frozen at their state from when I disconnected it. That’s been what I usually expect. Selecting “No device” or speakers brings them back to life.

The last paragraph is pretty much expected when you remove the targeted audio output device. Everything time-based is driven by the sample rate of the output device, and the low-level libraries that Rack uses for audio and midi don’t handle device removal, so it simply dies when you disconnect the device from the computer.

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