audio 8 - problem connecting digitakt to vcv

hello, until recently i used the audio 8 module to connect my digitakt to the mind meld mixer. everything worked fine and i didn’t change anything in the setup. now i can no longer route the digitakt in vcv mixer. can anyone help me? thanks

Windows 10/11, Linux Mac x64 ARM64 ? Do you have an update pending for your OS ?

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Mac, Sonoma 14.2.1. I have updated Overbridge and digitalakt, should that be the problem?

You are talking about taking audio outs from the digitakt into Audio 8 and then into the mixer right?

Problems with no audio coming into Rack on Mac are often related to Rack not having Microphone permission in privacy settings. It’s worth checking that. Also worth checking if audio is definitely coming out of your Digitakt after the update.


They are always the simplest solutions, thank you very much. It’s been there since the update on Sonoma, I don’t think it was there before. it works again.