Audio 8 module's lights off

Hi I just started using VCV Rack, and I’m trying to combine several modules so they can play together. The problem is when I plug the third module, no sound comes from it, and I saw the light (which I encircled in green) was off. I was wondering why it did that and how can I have it on so (I think) it can play the third module. Thanks!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

The audio module is your audio port out or interface. It is not a mixer, just a module to connect to your audiocart or audio interface.

As you can see in the picture, you are using a 2 channel output device. You could see it as a stereo output (1 being Left, 2 being Right)

When you use a mixer module, you can mix different sounds into one audio signal. With a stereo mixer you can also decide how much of a signal goes to which channel (panning)

So, in order to hear your third sound, you have to mix it first with your other sounds and then send it to your output. There are many ways to mix. A very popular and great module for this is the Mindmeld MixMaster. Connect all your sounds to a track/channel on this mixer and then connect your Master Channel to the Audio Module.

Edit: I also notice that you are using the VCA mix module, but you only get the mixed signal from the mix output. You are connecting the direct outs now, so the sounds do not get mixed. The mix out on this module is monophonic only.

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Thanks a lot for all the tips! I’ll try and apply them well Have a good day