Audio 8 module fails to reload preset!

The Audio 8 module fails to reload preset.

Having saved a preset with “deviceName”: “iD4”, “sampleRate”: 44100.0, and “blockSize”: 4096,

This is written within the vcvm file.

It loads with “deviceName”: “iD4”, “sampleRate”: 48000.0, and “blockSize”: 512,

Default ?

And at all, sometimes it crashes when loading the preset.

Here the complete saved vcvm file:

{ “plugin”: “Core”, “model”: “AudioInterface”, “version”: “2.0.2”, “params”: [], “data”: { “audio”: { “driver”: 5, “deviceName”: “iD4”, “sampleRate”: 44100.0, “blockSize”: 4096, “inputOffset”: 0, “outputOffset”: 0 }, “dcFilter”: false } }

MacOS 10.13.6 / 2.03

You are better off contacting support directly with something very specific like this.

Yes, I also noticed this problem with 44.1 kHz. It switches my audio interface to 48 kHz and then back to 44.1 kHz (but not all the time). I also reported this bug already.