Audio 8 does not see my audio inputs


I run VCV rack pro (windows) stand alone. As a audio interface I use a Roland MX-1. My interface has 18 i/o’s. But none of them are visible when configuration audio 8 in ASIO mode. As an alternative I tried the ASIO4all driver. This doesn’t resolve it. When I use Ableton live or NI Machine all i/o’s are availible.

Any sugestions how to slove this?



I think they are all visible in three portions of 8 because there are only 8 i/o per audio 8 (so you need 3 of them for all 18 i/o). If you use audio 16 you’ll see 16 i/o and the last one will be MX-1 (17-18 in, 17-18 out). But you have to choose them in the device.

But maybe I don’t understand your question.


@Yeager : thank you for explaining this! It resolved the issue.

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