Audio-8 - Can't select device

Hey, I have just started VCVRack and already selected an audio driver on audio-8. But I can’t select an audio device. No mather how often I try to click on the “(No device)” to select nothing happens. So as a result I can’t hear anything… What to do?

There’s also a category in there, that at least on windows defaults to “asio”. Have you messed with that? Maybe you have no audio drivers in the default category. And I’m sure “category” is not the right term, but I don’t have rack in front of me right now.

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what OS are you using? Win, Mac, Linux?

first you need to select the audio driver in the first lane, then the audio device in the second lane.


Haha thank you so much I selected the false audio driver for my OS. Now I can select the device… Thank you!

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