Audio (5 String bass) to realtime Midi notes


I’m not brand new to the virtual modular world, I’ve had an Empress Zoia pedal. I want to “convert” the sound of my 5-string bass guitar to a realtime midi note. I know (?) I need audio input - pitch detector - envelope follower - cv to midi - midi out modules.
I need these modules? As I have seen, there are many (100+) of each module in the Library. Does anyone have such an “audio to midi” patch? Can this “audio to realtime midi notes” work good with a 5-string bass guitar? Do you have any tips on which modules / brands to start with? I am currently using Jam Origin software for this feature, i have a RME FF UC.


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For realtime audio to MIDI conversion I would use a dedicated pickup like the Roland GK-3B or something similar.

I had some fun with it back in Rack v 1.1.6 - shared here:

The envelope follower i used is not in Rack2 - but you can try to use “NYSTHI Envfollower” instead

The pitch follower is:

Or you can use VCV Library - Entrian Pitch and Envelope Follower A combined pitch and envelope(amplitude) follower.

Thank You!

follow_the_leader.vcv (13.0 KB)

Here’s one i just did in Rack2

The patch needs host as is, but you can substitute your own voices for the VST’s

I’m tracking the output of the VCF in the voice controlled by the B-Step sequencer (VST). I would normally thrack input from a audio device - or use a sample player in VCV. Also, I use a VCV Host to run the Korg Opsix VST - you can replace with any voice accepting V/oct, gate and Velocity.

Thank You!