Audio-2 Overriding Sample Rate?

Hi there,

I keep running into this issue: I will set my audio interface (Scarlett 6i6 1st gen) drivers to 44.1khz, I will set VCV’s “Engine” sample rate settings to 44.1khz, but as soon as I place an Audio-2 module and select my audio interface it overrides those choices and goes to 48khz. When I then try to select 44.1khz from the Audio-2 menu, VCV freezes. Why is this module overriding all my sampling rate options?

Thanks, paloma

Since Audio-2 is a VCV module, you should ask VCV support. They’ll need to know what Operating System you’re on, and if Mac, ARM or x86.

Thanks for the response - I’ll certainly reach out to them about this.