Audio 16 channels not working

I’m working in Ableton 11.

I cant get any sound out of the channels on the Audio 16 apart from 1&2.

Channels 3&4 onwards do not produce any sound.

Please help!

VST2 or VST3 ? PC or Mac ?

VST3 version of VCV Rack Pro 2.1.4 audio out ( all 16) work for me on PC.

Required reading on multichannel VST’s from Ableton.

Its Ableton 11, Windows 10.

VST 3.

I don’t know what’s causing your problem with only 2 channels of audio.

Maybe you have more than one audio module in your patch ?

Its the same in any project.

Must be an Ableton problem?

Did you try the channels separately?

All my lights are green but no sound.

Could it be soundcard related?

I have a Focusright Scarlett 2i2. Its only giving me 1&2 through the Audio 16 in standalone mode. All the other green lights are off.

I don’t think it’s related to your sound card. The 16 channels of inputs and output is just between the VST host (the daw) and the VST plugin (rack). Hopefully someone else can help - or contact support:

Problem solved with the above article! (I didn’t notice the article as it was tucked under your screenshot!

Many thanks. It has also solved my question about multitracking drum machines on seperate channels on Ableton!


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