Audible Instruments Texture Synthesizer (Clouds) - VCV port of alternative firmware Kammerl?

Is anyone currently or planning on tackling a vcv port of Kammerl for clouds?

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It would be very cool if someone did! I had my Clouds running Kammerl for a long time and it’s crazy fun to play with.

Here’s an alternative faceplate someone designed for it.

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So what does it do?

tbh in all the time i ran it on uBurst I never used the spectral mode lol

When we get around to creating a plugin version of the Grayscale Supercell it will probably support Beat Repeat along with the Parasites firmware for Clouds:


Good question! I dug it enough that I had to get a SMOG for my skiff and load it in there within minutes of getting the ribbon cable connected and the mounting screws tightened. Kammerl is DOPE!! There’s a difference in the spectral manipulation, too. would anyone have a cheat sheet for it?

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any chance it’ll have the Kammerl Spectral Clouds?

why not have both? :grinning:

I created the graphics here:

If someone wants to start writing code that would be awesome!