Audible Instruments Resonator: Resonator/Rings bug

I’m having a problem with Resonator. Out of the 5 fine-tuning knobs under the main knobs, only Frequency works when I turn it manually. Sometimes it responds to LFO modulation, sometimes not. None of the other knobs can be modulated.

Has anyone had this problem before? Am I doing something wrong? I deleted the plugin folder and reinstalled, still not working though. If anyone has come across this before, give me a shout! Cheers.

I’m not too familiar maybe someone else can advise better than I can but here’s the manual:

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@Coirt suggested the right thing: look at the manual :yum: these modules are “deep”, I think I read 10 times the manuals, but I still need to take a look at them when needed (english is not my language, so often I miss something)

as I understand, only FREQ CV acts as a fine freq controller, otherwise “attenuverter” would have been plural :+1:

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Ah, that looks about right, thanks a million! I still can’t adjust the other four attenuverters manually for some reason though - I was trying to follow a basic patch I saw on YouTube, but it involved adjusting the position attenuverter (and that produces no results when I do it).

have you connected any modulation source to the input of the attenuverter knob (under it in the GUI)?
Here it is working fine.
But the attenuverters need a source input to modulate the target.

Hey, that was the problem! Thank you very much :slight_smile: