Audible Instruments Random Sampler: Quantizer root note

(Jim Frye) #1

Not sure if this belongs here. I have set the quantizer to Pentatonic and according to the manual this is based on C (0V), not sure but I think this is C Major? My research suggests the notes that should be generated are, C, D, E, G, A, C. However what I am seeing are these notes, C, D, F, G, A, C which appears to be based on F Major, or A Minor?.. Please use simple terms as I do not have a solid understanding of music notation.

(Andrew Belt) #2

Moved and fixed title

(Skrylar) #3

I just tried to test this and noticed that the right click menu doesn’t synchronize with the front panel at all, and hold-pressing down on the scale selector doesn’t result in blinking. I’m not sure if these are bugs or if I’m just not understanding the manual correctly.

(funkブラスタ) #4

The scales are on the right-click menu.

(Jim Frye) #5

Correct, this is what I have.