Audible Instruments Random Sampler: Intended that Y out doesn’t output an LFO?

Hello there, can anyone tell me if it is intended that Y doesn’t output a lfo?

In the manual it says that the y output is

a smooth, full-range (-5V to +5V), random source that is clocked at 1⁄16 the rate of X2 .

the manual:

yes, but it seems that the random sampler doesn’t do it that way. i get a slow stepped random value

How do you have the steps control set? Just tested it and you have to turn the steps control down to get random change

aha, ok. that explains it. however, my real marbles module doesn’t behave like that, so i didn’t expect it here

Okay. If you’re looking for another source of random voltages then Nysthi SOU works pretty well.

thanks for the info

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Yeah, the VCv version works a bit different than the hardware in some cases. Also the different X modes are a bit weird…