Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer: a TouchOSC control panel

This is a TouchOSC control panel for the Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer, derived from Mutable Instruments’ Elements. It can be used on an iPad or Android tablet:

Here is the actual panel (remove the .txt extension):
Elements.touchosc.txt (1.4 KB)

And here is a patch using MIDI-Map to control the Elements knobs:
ElementsAndTouchOSC.vcv (9.7 KB)



Hi there, this is great and a good opportunity for people with a pad, thank you. I would like to make a small suggestion. If you use the new Stoermelder MIDI-CAT module, then Touch OSC takes over the position of a button if you change the button position in the patch, and especially if you restart TouchOSC or VCV. I saw this today in Artem Leonovs video, thank’s Artem. I tested it, and it works very well also with your patch. But what I didn’t understand is why is it working only with channel 16?

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Thanks for the feedback and for mention my way here! I will share the video for everyone of using my layout tomorrow. And thanks to Stoermelder for another game changer solution for Midi out, it’s a new home definetely for guesting touchosc and others digital controllers (Lemur, bcr2000, machine and so on)
So it really doesn’t matter what channel to use especially when small amount of CCs are working in the patch. Also 16 is standart like channel for many of ableton scripts I tried…
And thanks to Nicola, well done designed layout here! I like the labels, personally I was a bit lazy to make the labels but in your layout they looks so nicely like a factory hardware design! Keep up the good work!

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Rainer, thanks for the suggestion. MIDI-CAT is indeed a nice improvement over MIDI-MAP.

TouchOSC widget send MIDI messages on one channel. I chose 16, and it made sense that VCV Rack would only listen on that same channel, but it can be changed to all channels, if it’s useful for a given application.

Artem, thanks for the kind words. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and concerned with usability and documentation. :slight_smile:

Hello, Nicola,
thanks for the clarification. I had already made a TouchOSC template for VCV Rack before and forgot that in the TouchOSC editor a channel number must be specified for each control. Inspired by you I updated the template “VCV Rack Console” and created a corresponding patch with MIDI-CAT, see appendix. Loading is done via the “Stoermelder” “Strip” module. Maybe someone wants to use or test it. (The appendix “.txt” on both files must be deleted)

VCV-Rack Console MIDI-CAT.vcvss.txt (14.7 KB) VCV-Rack Console MIDI-CAT.touchosc.txt (1.9 KB)