Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator 2: Polyphonic in v1?

Will the official Audible Instruments version of plaits be polyphonic? If not, I wonder if it’s worth releasing a paid for poly plaits, especially if it can be made to play friendly with mpe controllers. The plaits engine and parameters are a dream fit for MPE controllers - big surprise, the engine is meant to be a party for modulation sources! :wink:

I think yes it will be done, Also, if you want to play plaits polyphonicaly, i encourage you to get an ARTURIA Microfreak, it features many engines from plaits and many modulation options aswell :wink:

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@Olival_Clanaro I agree with you, the microfreak is a very exciting option for playing the 7/16 Plaits voices it features polyphonically. (It’s also just an incredibly compelling hardware synth for the money.) However, I am specifically interested in the possibility of playing Plaits (and/or Braids) with an MPE controller within VCV rack.

I don’t mean this selfishly—though I would use it with my seaboard block, for sure. @Vortico IMO rack support for MPE from V1 onward is likely to make it one of the most compelling software synthesis platforms to use with MPE controllers. My guess is that a poly version of Plaits/Audible Instruments Macro Oscillator 2 (and/or Braids) would make for an ideal flagship entry point/gateway for VCV as an (THE?) MPE powerhouse.

(Even simple mappings of poly pressure and poly y axis motion (slide in Roli lingo) onto the timbre, morph, and harmonics parameters alone would make for an intuitive, yet deep MPE playground of a kind that leaves most MPE synths in the dust. The landscape for MPE capable synths doesn’t have much that is both intuitive to explore and deeply customizable. Compared to something like MPE Plaits or Braids, it’s usually either presets land, or monster dozens of parameters synth land. From there, the possibility of adding layers of complexity as needed through other VCV modules would make for unmatched depth.)

@OhWell–polyphonic support in Plaits itself would be cool but since the MIDI drivers are the source of the polyphonic signal(s) you will be able to run a polyphonic cable from MIDI into a splitter and normal cables from there into multiple instances of Plaits to get the same effect. I think it should work extremely well with MPE out of the box!

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There’s no reason Plaits, Braids, etc can’t be made polyphonic, and I think it would be okay to support it despite no SIMD speedups being easily possible (16 polyphony would take 16x CPU), but I don’t have a lot of time so probably won’t get around to it.

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I understand. Can’t wait to play with V1! Thanks for all your mind blowing work!!

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That’s great to know!

Any chance of polyphony to Braids and Plaits in version 1.x.x?
At present time Braids still seems to be monophonic.
Thanks in advance

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That explains this image: