Audible Instruments Dual Dynamics Gate released

Audible Instruments Dual Dynamics Gate, based on Mutable Instruments Streams, is now available for free download after a successful fundraiser. Includes an accurate model of Streams’ VCFA developed and A/B tested by Alright Devices.

Screenshot from 2020-11-03 21-07-28


Well done guys! Sounds fantastic and really enjoyable to use.

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Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:


Lovely module, really adds some new variations. Seems to have more options than the hardware version, is that right?

Nope, it’s pretty much exactly the same.

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OK! Not complaining :smiley:

Just the manual for Streams says this for channel selector button, while the module has nine yes nine modes. I’m delighted with nine modes

D. Channel function selector. Press the button to display the current function of a channel, and press again to cycle through the four functions.

Did you read the "five more things " section ? :wink: (4+5)


Ah…mea maxima culpa

RTFM. All of it :smile: