Audible Instruments: Are meta parameters implemented yet?

Hi all ,
It seems that mutable instruments braids also has an internal envelope ( amongst others ) to control the length of the kick,snare etc…
But for some reason if I enable ‘‘meta’’ under options I can’t seem to acces these extra parameters
Aren’t these (yet) implemented ?

They are not implemented AFAIK but you can use Southpole’s Cornrows X

Cornrows X - Macro Oscillator

  • Based on Braids, Manual
  • Extended as follows
    • As complete implementation of Braids / macro oscillator as possible
    • so far not available features in the Audible Instruments version have been activated and broken out as controls: AD-envelope, bit crusher, scale quantizer, tuning
    • Implemented as menu options: AUTO, VCA, FLAT, Paques