AU plugin Logic Pro X white window

Hi, just purchased VCV RACK Pro , After installed the plugin i get only a white window in Logic Pro X. Maybe a good soul can help me. OSX 10.14.6 Logic Pro X 10.4.8

The versions of MacOS and LPX you’re running are kinda old, that might be the culprit. Are you able to update them? I haven’t encountered this particular issue with LPX 10.7.6 on Monterey 12.6.2. I wouldn’t upgrade to Ventura yet, I’ve heard of some bugs there with LPX.

Hi Martin, IMO the best way is to contact VCV support directly.

Hi ! I already did. They wrote its a known bug. I thought some users here have a workaround. So i have to wait until they fixed it. Until that its unusable for me.

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