AU plugin Logic Pro X white window

Hi, just purchased VCV RACK Pro , After installed the plugin i get only a white window in Logic Pro X. Maybe a good soul can help me. OSX 10.14.6 Logic Pro X 10.4.8

The versions of MacOS and LPX you’re running are kinda old, that might be the culprit. Are you able to update them? I haven’t encountered this particular issue with LPX 10.7.6 on Monterey 12.6.2. I wouldn’t upgrade to Ventura yet, I’ve heard of some bugs there with LPX.

Hi Martin, IMO the best way is to contact VCV support directly.

Hi ! I already did. They wrote its a known bug. I thought some users here have a workaround. So i have to wait until they fixed it. Until that its unusable for me.

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Same here, it was a known bug in 2.2.1 under Bitwig / Linux / nVidia, but has been solved in 2.2.2 for Linux at least… Unfortunately it still happens under OSX 10.14 with nVidia Card and Bitwig, even under 2.2.3.

2.1.2 works though, maybe you can downgrade, just change the download Link in the Browser URL Bar to the older version.