Attenuverter with more than unity gain?

Is there a simple way to do this?
An attenuverter, but instead of -1.0 to 1.0 attenuation, something like -10 to 10?

I end up scaling and shifting control voltages all the time, but either I’ve missed the module that does it, or there isn’t one.

The perfect one would be kind of like an Alikins Specific Value module, feeding an attenuator that can scale up past unity gain.

And those modules do some wonky shifting/scaling that I don’t understand. For example:

you can use nysthi::surveillance

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If you’re just trying to convert say between common voltages (-5 +5 volts to 0 10 volts for instance) then AS have a module called ReScale.

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One of the available multiply ranges for DHE-Modules Func has a range of +/-2. It that’s not enough, you can use Func 6, which allows you to chain six of those, so you could multiply the signal by up to 64x.

Seconding @synthi.

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You can try „Range“ from RJ-Modules

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