Attenuator can't reach 10 volts


in order to convert a 6v signal to 10v, I added Befaco Atenureverter + A*B+C. However my maximum signal is 9.9. Does anybody know why can’t I reach 10?


Signals are most probably clamped in the Befaco modules. Try another attenuator.

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That was my first thought, so I tried 2 diferent modules and obtained the same result. The Befaco module isn’t supposed to be clamped, as shown in this tutorial:

I‘m talking about A+B*C. There is definitively some clipping involved in the code.


I’ve had issues ruining V/Oct signals through A+B*C where things would drift out of tune as notes got higher and higher. Same issue I’m sure. I just stopped using it and found other alternatives (like Vult Knobs, which also works great with polyphonic signals).


The output of A+B*C is scaled according to this curve, I think this is some physical modeling thing. Maybe @Vortico can explain it.


I’m assuming it’s just how the hardware works but a linear -10 to +10 seems like it would be much more desirable.

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