Asymmetric +/- pitch bends

Is there an existing module for independently setting the positive and negative range for the pitch wheel, say +2/-12 semitones for Rudess style bends? If not, it’s pretty trivial, and I’ll hack one up. I’d rather not remake the wheel though.

Could XOR’s AttAmp do that? Set min and max and choose clamp or scale?

moDllz MIDIpolyMPE can do that:

I’ve also hacked together two different MIDI interface modules, one based on MIDIpolyMPE as well as one based on Core MIDI-CV, both of which have independent up/down bend range settings. The latter, Duo MIDI-CV, has it as a setting in the context menu. Both can be found here on GitHub.

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I’ll look at those. I usually have Core MIDI-CV, and that’s not an option there, so it wasn’t in my mind.


I incorporated MIDIpolyMPE set to one voice into a lead preset. It’s behaving nicely.

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Range module should get you there.

Not quite. What is needed is a line of one slope for the positive and another for the negatives.

Something like this applied to pitch wheel value x. Lua expr: if x < 0 then return A*x else return B*x end

Since the pitchwheel gives zero center and the range [-5,5], A would be 1/5, and B would be 1/5 * 1/6 assuming 1v/oct and the desired bend is max one octave down and a whole tone up.

Formula module?

You could split the +/- bend signal with a positive/negative rectifier, then attenuate/amplify the positive and negative part separately, then sum the back.

Or maybe you could use this directly:

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None of these things seem to address the problem totally. In my mind’s eye, I’m seeing a module with one input, and one output and two knobs, one for each bend range. Needing more than one module to accomplish this seems awful. moDllz MIDIpolyMPE and Delexander Duo MIDI-CV both do split bends and a bit more, but they don’t permit setting the bend extremes slightly sharp or flat. The key thing for me is that the math is trivial, and the UI requirements are pretty lightweight, but all the readily available solutions save those that Delexander suggested seem heavyweight.

Addendum: I’ve added just such a simple bend adjust to my utility module set. It’s a dual just because there was panel space, and maybe someone has two MIDI controllers hooked up.