ASIO4ALL issue

Hey guys. I have a curiosity.

WASAPI seems to work a treat on my laptop. ASIO4ALL is glitchy as hell. It’s not really a problem, but I would like to understand why and if this may indicate an issue further down the line. ASIO4ALL was working ok until I installed a different chipset on my Ryzen 5 4500u to remedy constant fan noise. Then had to switch to WASAPI to get any decent sound. My system is Realtek.

Any thoughts on why ASIO4ALL would become unusable after a chipset change?


Is this an issue specific to VCV or are you having it with other audio applications ?

I have a Ryzen 5 4600H Laptop and use the FLStudio ASIO driver this one works fine.

You can install the driver via a Fruity Loops demo installation or find a download for the driver only. (a while ago I posted a link)

I don’t use another application at the minute.

Ill try it out on Ableton. I have an intro version somewhere.

What is your audio hardware? In general I think one will get best results with something modern that includes a native asio driver. I had problems similar to yours when I used an ancient A-Audio delta-66. Since replacing it with at Stenberg UR22C things are much less glitchy.

Asio4all never worked for me, very glitchy too, but FL studio Asio, or my Focuscrite’s Asio driver work like a charm :slight_smile: