ASIO Generic Driver not work in new version

Hello. I have just updated from version 0.6 to 1.15 after not using VCV Rack for a period of time while I was traveling. EVERYTHING WORKED FINE PREVIOUS. Now with the update I have only no device selected so I am getting no output now. When I try to change the selection on the output audio module, to my ASIO Generic driver 2in 2out… it crashes every time. I have updated all the latest the drivers for my computer (HP i7 16GB RAM) and the RealTek Audio Driver and the Windows Generic ASIO driver… but is still is crashing when I go to select ASIO output driver. Has anyone any ideas on what to do next? In the past, I have used other ASIO drivers, but I also tried those too with no success.

Thank you, Sky

wasapi may work just fine, if you don’t really need low latency.

for me the best working ASIO driver is FLStudio Asio, but you can also try Asio4all or just use Wasapi or DirectSound drivers, I see no real advantage in using ASIO.

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Does anybody know if or how this ASIO issue was solved in the meantime?

I am on WIN 10 with a Focusrite Scarlet 8i6 3rd gen USB interface. My studio system is stable and fully functional with loads of software but VCV does´n´t let me select any ASIO device at all and freezes.

Thanks in advance. Heiko

I use asio all the time with my UR22C on window 10. works great.

I also use ASIO with an UR22 MK2 on Windows 10 and have no problems.

imho there is no ASIO issue in VCV, maybe there is an issue with the focusrite driver,
I know they had some issues sometime ago.

For the record I’ve used Arturia Audiofuse and RME Digiface USB with VCV using ASIO and no similar issues

I use Focusrite Scarlett’s ASIO drivers on Win 10 - no issues

Maybe you have set a different sample rate in Rack or the Audio module than in your soundcard drivers? Maybe also initializing the Audio module in Rack might help…

Just guessing though…