Asbe: music and patches

Hi guys I made this patch for record different scene in 6 separate stereo channel from Mixmeld mixer to Nysthi Polyrec, for then edit the parts in daw, but it can be further developed as a liveset.

the aim of this patch is to record different preset of modules in the bottom part of the patch using Stoermelder 8x2face, in the right side of the chosen modules, and then recall different scene clicking Impromptu cv pad.

The idea is that you change parameters the module on the right side of 8x2 face and when you like the sound you save all the preset, clicking on the big upper green Nysthi button you can switch between all 8x2 face read and write mode

This patch has two 8x2 face techno preset saved, you can recall them clicking on Impromptu cv pad I hope you understand something from the label. Feel free to make what you want with it and if you have any question or idea to improve it let me know.

Many thanks to all developer and Omri

my Mac struggle recording video so i can’t hear when i record, but i can record separate audio track without problem

New track most sample are made with Rack then i arrange all with ableton