Arturia vcv setup question

hey folks, i’m new to vcv and i would like to build up a jamming setup for a musicproject.
so i would like to use beatstep pro as master, keystep as slave and integrate them to control vcv

maybe someone has a patchrouting setup to start with, also i would like to know how the clock routing should be then, cause omri said in a video it’s more stabel to work with clock then with midi for that ?!

like this, without the hardeware synths

cheers mark

What can happen sometimes is that clock information send by midi usb, can have some little problems.

To have Beatstep as master, i guess all you have to do is use a Midi module in Vcv, set it to the beatstep, and patch a cable in the CLK (clock) and use it whenever you need.
Now for the keystep as a slave i have never done it so i’m not sure, but it should be doable with just a cable in the right place :wink:
I think you need to use a CV - Midi module set to the keystep, and plug in CLK the CLK from the Beatstep.
Then, you will put a Midi module set to the keystep, to get the information from the keystep to Vcv :slight_smile:

Hope that helps, if i wasn’t clear enough, tell me i’ll try to reexplain better :wink:

thanks for fast reply reply, i found this one, think this could be a starting point with your routing…

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I haven’t yet worked out how to set the Beatstep as a slave, driven by a VCV clock source. Let me know if you work it out!

Well, if you use Midi, you can use the Midi-CV module in VCV. You can use the module’s 2nd clock output as a division\multiplication or use separate clock dividers and multipliers. Another way will be to use Clocked from Impromptu but you have to make sure that you select the right clock division. Then you will have Clocked synced with the BSP and a few more outputs with multiplications\divisions. About the Keystep, just send the Midi out from the BSP to the Keystep and set the Keystep to be synced with Midi. (Change the jumpers at the back of the Keystep). This way, when you hit play on the BSP, you will have a clock in VCV and also the Keystep will start running. There is an option also in the right click menu of Clocked to reset it when turned off, which means that if you have it connected to a few sequencers, also through the Reset connection, the moment you stop the BSP, also Clocked will stop and auto reset itself so the next time you start everything, it will all start from the beginning. If you have issues with sequences skipping the first step, try using the Seq Adapter from rcm (
It’s also possible to do this with the analog clock, but if you’re sequencing stuff in VCV with Midi, you will have some syncing issues so the best will be to stick with Midi all the way, but let me know if you want to try this and I can explain exactly how.

@roomofwires You can totally set VCV as the master clock, just use the CV-Midi module and make sure that the BSP is set to sync through Midi. Don’t forget also to use the correct clock resolution, I think that the default one is 24PPQN. Let me know if it works.

Thanks. I am on holiday at the moment so can’t test. I was trying to use the ZZC clock module to drive the normal Beatstep (not pro). I had the Beatstep in external mode, but couldn’t get it to work.

ah cool thanks a lot ! …so then i will stay in midi, cause i want sequenz the modules with bsp with the ability to play(another module) or manipulate(existing) with keystep over it also, if you could show me how this works, would be absolute great ! :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure I quite understand… You want to sequence modules with the BSP, but what to play on top with the Ketstep?

i thought to trigger another module with the keystep which is not triggerd by bsp(for e.g. to play something over the sequenzed stuff) to have the ability to manipulate values (for e.g. cutoff) on the modules, i also could take another midi to cv, to use it with the novation launch control, cause i’ts not relevant to have clock signals here…right ?

Well, if you’re not using a sequencer then you don’t really need a clock no. You can also use the Keystep without a clock and just play the parts yourself, live.

yes exatly thats the idea for the keystep, but is it possible to have a “switch” to slave it to the clock if i want to ?

You can keep it clocked the whole time and if you don’t want to use its sequencer\arp you can just hit stop on it only and you can play it like a “normal” keyboard. Everything will still be running since the Keystep is set as slave.

ah ja sure you’re right ! thanks !

No worries, have fun :slight_smile:

thanks, still try to orientate and lern the grammer, but an amazing world :wink:

Oh yes, indeed…

@Omri_Cohen where do you set the clock resolution? I am using ZZC Clock and the CV-Midi module. It seems to step the Beatstep intermittently.

Should be in the right click menu :wink: but idk if ZZC has it… You might want to use Impromptu Clocked if not the case

@Olival_Clanaro @Omri_Cohen Thanks, I get it now. I used a clock divider set to 1:24 and it works now. I was thinking clock resolution was some hidden setting!


Yeah, it’s basically just a clock division\multiplication. I’m happy it works :slight_smile: