Arturia MINILAB MKII: Help needed for mapping with Rack

Has anyone used the Arturia MINILAB mkII mapped with VCV Rack?

In my case, when I select the device Arturia MINILAB … the VCV closes alone. Anyone have any idea what it can be ??

Sounds like the device is in use by something else

Yes, Windows can’t handle 2 programs reading from the same Midi device. Be sure to close Arturia midi center first. It’s most likely why Vcv crashes.
I use a Arturia Beatstep and Microfreak, and it works well :wink:

very good I got it that way, it really works with a controlling software. Many thanks guys =)

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I’m having same issue.
first I open VCV Rack 1.1.1
From MIDI to CV module I choose Windows MIDI
Then choose my device: Arturia MiniLab .

Briefly time out symbol appears and then Rack Crashes.
I do NOT have MIDI Controller Center open.

I am running Windows 10 with latest update.
Happens every time.

What are the last things happening in the log file after such a crash?

Has anyone had trouble mapping the pads? do not show up in the mapping, any suggestions?

Try to see if the pads are mapped to CC messages or to Notes in the arturia control center. My beatstep works lile a charm so it should be ok for the minilab too :slight_smile:

in MIDI control I use field “Mode: control”?
CC Number: CC MIDI entre 0-127?
Could you pass me the configuration of a pad of yours so I can validate it with mine?

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Actually i have my pads configured to notes, so that way i can use them in Vcv with the Midi Trig module, or in my Daw to trigger drums