Arturia Minilab III - Can't map pads (SOLVED)

Hi All.

Very frustrated. The knobs/sliders work fine (mapped through MIDI MAP), but not the pads. Have tried all config options I can think of (notes, control change, program change). Nothing works.

Has anyone got this to work? Otherwise, it’s going back. My little Alesis kbd works just fine.

Thanks, Chris.

I don’t have one of those.

Here’s the info from the user guide.

MIDI map takes CC’s only (Don’t know if this is still true, but that’s what the web docs say).

You can try Stoermelder MIDI-CAT instead. (It can map MIDI Note and MIDI CC)

Or keep using VCV MIDI-MAP after you change the Minilab in Arturia Midi Control Center to send CC’s for the pads - here’s a picture from the user manual

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I would add to that

I always use this tool to view exactly what MIDI messages, (notes, CC, channels, etc…), is sent from an external MIDI device. Then if I need to make change I know what I need to do (either in the MIDI controller or in VCV). Great tool.

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Good point.

I also use “Protokol” - it does OSC too. (a standalone)

Thank you Jens! (and Jay).

Swapping in the Stoermelder module fixed it. For some reason the base VCV mapper doesn’t respond to the CC messages from this kbd (the SM module works perfectly).

Happy days!

Because the default is to send “Note” messages for the pads - and not “CC’s”

Good that it worked for you.

No Jens. I’d already changed it to send CC. That’s the first thing I did!

As I said in my post, I tried CC, then note and prog change as I couldnt get CC to work.

mmkay, what CC number - and which values did you use ?

I think On value = 127 and off value = 0.
CC can be any.

Should work with VCV. perhaps report a bug to VCV - Support

These are my settings. Works perfectly with SM but not with VCV.

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OK I took Jay’s suggestion and put the SM Monitor on it.

Seems the problem is the KBD. Whatever settings I burn into its ROM, it only ever sends note messages. These can be interpreted by the SM but not the VCV. Problem solved. I’ll look to see if there’s a known bug with the firmware.

Thanks for the help again!

My MIDI keyb is a Oxygen61 from M-AUDIO. The pads only send note messages on MIDI channel 10 :frowning: . So I have to use one seperate MIDI-CAT to received them on channel 10, and then I transform them into triggers or other things. Much more complicated than just changing at the source (e.g.: Arturia MIDI control center), but that’s my work around.

That is why, for my setup, I needed the MIDI monitor. I could clearly see that the keyboard notes were sent using ch. 1, the faders and knobs on ch. 16 and the pads on ch. 10. :slight_smile:

Hello fellow Minilab3 user, check out my module maybe

Hi Idlework. That looks cool, thanks!

Will it still work if my ML will only send note info from the pads? Will yours send CC? (I have the latest firmware)

You need to use the MIDI Control Software to:

Change the pads to send midi notes. Pad 1: C1, Pad 2: C2, etc

Change the knobs to send CC values. Min: 64, Max: 65

Then send that configuration to your Minilab and my module should work.

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OK thanks!