Artem Leonov - The Difference (new album, out now!)

I am very pleased to announce my first full-length modular album, called The Difference. It is made and recorded completely in VCV and then mixed and mastered in Ableton Live. The album will be released on Monday, April 13th, and now it is available on pre-order on the Bandcamp!

The main source of sound was Geodesics Energy oscillator, many thanks to Marc and Pyer! And the main control module was Chord-KEY, thanks also to Marc for this wonderful module!

I would also really like to thank my wife for the help in mixing and for this amazing cover.

During the creation of the album, I thought about what is happening in the world, and now difficult times are coming in my country too.

And of course, such music would not have been possible anywhere else except VCV Rack, so I’d like to thank everyone who is involved in this amazing DAW. Thank you, take care and stay safe!


« Landscape » est splendide :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks Marc!

Ordered. Really looking forward to it.

1 Like Also we have made some teaser

So the album is out now! Thanks for your big and awesome support!