Artem Leonov Music (VCV Rack Ideas)

So finally made a personal topic for my music. And this is the first one:


Nice. I’ve really got to get into that new mixer as well.

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Well - let’s continue the old topic :wink:


Wow that is great! How did you get the reverse ‘drum’ sound and who is ‘fLOating points’ -he/she/it sounds worth investigating!

Blame new Shapemaster for any strange sound in the patch :wink: Thanks. Floating points is a very popular modern electronic project

As I do I went searching for ‘Floating Points’ he does indeed sound interesting. He has done a remix of Pharaoh Sanders work and London Philharmonic. It is on Bandcamp. Can you remember the settings on ShapeMaster to get the reverse effect? Thanks in advance.

Just cut the attack of an envelope and this was the main effect AFAIK


I really happy with this patch

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Wonderful!!! So how did you create all that randomness-was Strip involved?

We will see what @VCVRackIdeas says… I do notice in a previous video he was using my LFN for randomness. It always been one of my more popular modules, and I think it’s still “unique”. It’s basically noise run through a graphic EQ, except the octaves are at very low frequencies, as low as 1/20 of a hz, I think.

I have used your LFN in the past but not achieved ‘Randomness’ like on the patch above, maybe I’m doing something wrong. What’s the best thing to plug it into? BTW, Worker 13 is still fighting with the Signal Routing for his version of the Voyetra 8, myself and him have been swapping patches of the set up for that synth module.

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well, that is always the question - once you got the randomness what do you do with it…

Well it’s Stoermelder Transit in the new Phase mode which is using addressed voltage to define the central preset and then morphing to the next or previous according to incoming voltage. So it’s way complex then add just one random module and patch it across the patch in the terms of sound. But by setup it’s pretty easy to do it. I’m still using LFN and it’s great for subtle changes or mimic parameter instability!

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