Artefacts in FramebufferWidget

When adjusting the zooming level I get from time to time strange artefacts of module panels. I guess there is a bug in FramebufferWidget which occurs on redraw.
Did anyone ever investigate this? If not, I would try to understand how FramebufferWidget works internally and try to find the issue…

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Hi Ben, yes, this is a known issue, and if you check near the end of this issue, I share some of my insights on this:

Thanks for the reference, I didn´t notice this issue. I will have a look!

This issue is not @stoermelder’s issue in the OP. I’ve posted a comment in that issue to clarify.

This will not be necessary as this has been fixed in Rack v2.


Ah, sorry for the confusion in that issue; glad to see the zoom thing is fixed

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