Arrow keys aren't handled in onHoverKey() in Rack 2

So I had this thread which helped me figure out some keyboard shortcuts for Rack v1. However, some are now broken. Specifically it’s the arrow keys that won’t execute my code and instead will pan the screen around. I’m using consume() so I don’t understand why Rack is still using my shortcut. Here’s the code in question:

It would be jarring to the user if arrow key rack scrolling was interrupted when their cursor happens to travel over a certain module.

Why not consume them only when a widget is selected on your module panel?

Ok that works much better. I’m using onSelectKey for those events now, thanks.

Ok it works, but I noticed that once I click on a knob or button, it no longer works. It’s as if the onSelectKey() is done. Why does it do this? Is there a way to keep it active?